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2011 scary pumpkin 10/31/11 - Happy Halloween!

8/22/11 - I watch the movie The Reef last night. Really wasn't the best choice for a relaxing night time movie. It did reinforce my decision to not ever go swimming in the ocean or anywhere there could be sharks. If some unforeseen sequence of events leads me into a scenario which I am in the ocean with sharks I have a firm strategy - swim away fast. So far warning, if you are swimming with me and get bitten by a shark I will be swimming over to you to say sorry about the leg you just lost and trying to help. I will be rapidly swimming away. Sorry, but you will probably be getting another visit from the shark soon...

If you've never seen The Reef it is a good tension filled movie. You know the sharks are going to eat people but the movie builds good tension throughout and really didn't have any gore. Just people disappearing into red pools of water.

8/12/11 - Since I have neglected to do dishes for the last couple days I herby designate today as spoon day! Everything I consume must be able to be eating with a spoon. It shall be my battle cry as I head into the kitchen. The Tick would be so happy.
Ghost Busters invade Comic-Con 7/21/11 - it's Comic-Con time!!!!!!

I headed out to Sandy Eggo way before the crack of dawn to enjoy all the splender of another year of Comic-Con. This year a few changes were a foot. There seemed to be far fewer big company boothes and panels promoting TV series and movies. This isn't necessary a bad thing. However, there were still some head scratcher boothes including one for the upcoming series Pan Am. There doesn't seem to be anything comic or sci-fi related in the series from what I could see. Who knows, maybe they will end up crashing on a mysterious island and be attached by polar bears midway through the season.

There seemed to be a few more small artist boothes with some really great art. There was also a full sized Tardis, sadly it was not fully functional. Much to my dismay the number of boothes selling toys was at an all time low. I only bought one figure, a loose Ephant Mon. It was quite depressing. With all that extra toy money in hand I did pick up 2 cool Serenity themed shirts and that made me a bit happier.

Botcon 6/4/11 - Standing in line to get my ticket for Botcon I bore witness to an extended conversation about the "anatomy" of transformers and what part of Megatron becomes the trigger when he is in gun mode.... I really wanted to step in and tell these people that this conversation is exactly why people make fun of fanboys.

jean Luc by the Chain Bridge in Budapest Hungary 5/20/11 - I know we are in for some fun when I see Jean Luc start packing his bags. We headed off on American Airline's new flight into Budapest. Our flight arrived early in the morning and after pissing of the magazine stand lady by buying a 50 cent metro ticket with the equivalent of a $60 bill we headed into Budapest to find our hotel. Our hotel, opening a mere 3 days before we arrived, was brand spanking new and less than 5 minutes from a metro stop. We were able to check in early and headed off to see the sights.

First the central market to price the paprika and other goodies then off to walk over the chain bridge and then the funicular up to the castle district, where there is no actual castle. There was once a castle there but it was destroyed a long time ago much to the disappointment of the Spanish tourist who stopped to ask me how to get to Budapest castle. Having not brought swimsuits, since we weren't expecting the weather to be in the 80's, we skipped the famous spas and decided to spend the stay eating chocolate ice cream from the numerous vendors.

After we got our fill of ice cream and goulash we headed over to Vienna, Austria for the day. We managed to visit the crypts of St. Stephens, scare the Spanish horses, visit the palace and get some Mozart balls before boarding the train back to Budapest. This is where I need to apologize to the people sitting around me on the train..... While heading to the train platform there was a mishap and I guy lost control of a big push cart full of cafe supplies. Half of his supplies came crashing off the cart as I was walking by and both legs from knee down were drenched in milk from cartoons that had burst open. Yeah, that was a lovely experience waiting for my pants, sock and shoes to dry on the 3 hour ride back.

4/28/11 - I went out to my favorite sushi place for lunch. Now I sit here wondering if I have a school of radioactive fishies swimming around in my stomach. Will they join up with the chernobyl fruits and berries I wasn't supposed to eat when I went to Ukraine in the early 90's? At what point will I be able to hold a light bulb and make it glow? I need a geiger counter for my belly.
The Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster 4/26/11 - I see a city in the clouds....
I finally got my Empire Strikes Back one sheet movie poster professionally framed. My friend's brother stole it out of the movie theater poster box when The Empire Strikes Back was re-released in 1982. It's not in mint condition but still looks pretty sweet.

I celebrating the poster framing by watching all the movies again. Finished the prequels this weekend and am watching Han getting ready to be put in carbon freezing.

4/25/11 - Hmm, there's a huge light up traffic sign parked outside of the apartment complex today. It's informing people to call the police if they spot suspicious activity so I've been keeping an eye on my neighbors. I saw one of them poking around the landscaping in a somewhat suspicious manner. She could be up to no good. I think she was poking at one of the plants to kill it so it doesn't block her window anymore. Not sure this is exactly the behavior the sign is encouraging me to report or not.
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