If you've ever wondered what Jean Luc Picard does to get away from his hectic life as a Star Fleet Captain you've come to the right place!
To get away from the hustle and bustle of the Enterprise Jean Luc likes take off in his little green Honda...er...I mean Captain's Yacht and go sightseeing! Here are some photos of Jean Luc's recent explorations.

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Jean Luc visits Niagara Falls

Jean Luc stayed dry while visiting Niagara Falls

Jean Luc visits the Louvre

Jean Luc was hungry for Crepes so off to Paris with a stop at the Louvre.

Jean Luc visits the Little Mermaid

Jean Luc beat the buses full of tourist to see the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

Jean Luc visits Helsingor

In the mood for Shakesspeare, Jean Luc stops by to visit the Hamlet Castle in Helsingor, Denmark.

Jean Luc visits the Liberty Bell

Jean Luc Picard visting the Liberty Bell

Jean Luc visits Rocky

No visit to Philly can be complete without a stop by to see Rocky

Jean Luc tries to find the rift

Jean Luc Picard looking for the rift in Cardiff

Jean Luc visits Cardiff Castle

Jean Luc takes a break to visit Cardiff Castle

Jean Luc visits Lucern

Jean Luc Picard still wondering why Swiss Soldiers guard the Vatican while sightseeing in Lucern, Switzerland

Jean Luc visits Madid

Feeling royal, Jean Luc Picard visits the Palace in Madrid Spain.

Jean Luc visits Moscow

Jean Luc Picard spent the day at the Kremlin.

Jean Luc visits Moscow

Jean Luc tours Red Square and St Basils.

Jean Luc in Central Park New York

Jean Luc enjoying the day in Central Park.

Jean Luc visits Brooklyn Bridge

Jean Luc takes a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jean Luc in Budapest

Jean Luc is feeling Hungary in Budapest. Lots of steps to get this view of the Chain Bridge.

Jean Luc in Salzburg

Jean Luc stops to visit
Mozart's birthhouse in Salzburg.

Jean Luc visits Neuschwanstein

Jean Luc wishes he would have transported up to the top of the hill to see Neuschwanstein.

Jean Luc at Waikiki

Jean Luc dips his toes into the waters of Waikiki, Hawaii.

Jean Luc at Diamond Head in Hawaii

Jean Luc prepares to hike up to the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Jean Luc at Big Ben

Jean Luc checks the time at Big Ben.

Jean Luc at the Tower of London

Jean Luc is still laughing at the size of Henry the 8th's cod piece at the Tower of London.

Jean Luc at Tower Bridge

Jean Luc looks at Tower Bridge.

Jean Luc at Buckingham Palace

Jean Luc takes a stroll around Buckingham Palace.

Jean Luc at Guiness Factory

Jean Luc reaches the promised land. The Guiness Distillery in Dublin.

Jean Luc in Temple Bar

Jean Luc barely stumbled to this pub in Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland.

Jean Luc at the Brandenburg Gate

Jean Luc stops briefly at the Brandenburg Gate before heading to the beer garden.

Jean Luc on the Charles Brodge

Jean Luc hopes he water proof on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Jean Luc visits Mount Rushmore

Jean Luc sees if he measures up at Mount Rushmore.

Jean Luc at Yellow Stone National Park

Jean Luc hoping it's not his last stand at Yellow Stone National Park.

Jean Luc visits Rome Colliseum

Jean Luc takes on some gladiators at the Rome Colliseum.

Jean Luc at the Vatican

Jean Luc keeps a look out for Vatican spies at St. Peters.

Jean Luc visits the White House

Jean Luc visits the White House.

Jean Luc by the Lincoln Memorial

Jean Luc ponders the eternal...Lincoln, Lincoln, I've been thinking...what the hell have I been drinking....

Jean Luc visits the Eiffel Tower

Jean Luc goes back to his French homeland to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Jean Luc visits Notre Dame

Jean Luc enjoys chocolate banana crepes and visiting Notre Dame.

Jean Luc snowed in Indiana

Jean Luc boldly goes to the frozen tundra otherwise known as Indiana.

Jean Luc visits Purdue University

Jean Luc visits Purdue University, home of the Boilermakers.

Jean Luc at Las Vegas

Jean Luc boldly explores the Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas.

Jean Luc plays the slots

Jean Luc tries to find a slot machine that accepts gold pressed latinum.

Jean Luc at the La Brea Tar Pits

Jean Luc hopes he doesn't get stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits.

Jean Luc in Hollywood

Jean Luc tries to do some star gazing in Hollywood.

Jean Luc at Disney Land

Jean Luc visits the happiest place on earth!

Jean Luc at Disney Land

Jean Luc at Disney Land.

Jean Luc visits Muir Woods

Jean Luc visits Muir Woods in California.

Jean Luc visits the giant Redwoods

Jean Luc visits the giant Redwoods in Northern California

Jean Luc visits Grand Canyon

Jean Luc visiting the Grand Canyon.

Jean Luc visits Grand Canyon

Several other visitors snapped pictures of Jean Luc standing by the Grand Canyon National Park sign.

Jean Luc visits Grand Canyon

Jean Luc hoping no big gust of wind comes.

Jean Luc by the Golden Gate Bridge

Jean Luc could not resist a chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the future home of Star Fleet.

Jean Luc visits Mesa Verdi

Jean Luc discovers Anasazi Indian ruins at Mesa Verdi in Colorado.

Jean Luc lives it up in Malibu

Jean Luc spends the weekend at the beaches in Malibu.

If any of you have spotted Jean Luc, or any of his crew mates, sightseeing email me a photo and description of where they are and I will post it on my site.